Friday, September 7, 2012

Thanks AK!

Mind the Video Man premiere at Wilda Marsten Theater 9/4/12

Thanks Anchorage for braving the great windstorm of 2012 and packing the theater for the kick-off of the Mind the Video Man tour. Glad we finished up before the lights in all of Anchorage went out. After the show we met at F Street for some libations when street lights started to flutter, and soon the whole block was blacked out. Soon, we were drinking by iPhone light as even F Street's power went out. Winter is coming to Alaska. A huge thanks to Travis and Caroline at zAK's Boardroom for all of their help, Flow, POW and Snowboarder Magazine for sending swag for the kids, Jesse Cross and Ted Kim, Sean Genovese who flew out to surprise everyone with the insanely awesome DWD Team video and a Ben Bogart pro-model board to raffle which Brady Farr won.

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