Friday, November 30, 2012

Primary Parts Part 1: Brainscience of HAMMERS

There's a certain mindset with most riders who film for Think Thank videos. I like to think of them as guys who think outside of the box. They're released out into the snow, maybe up in the mountains, probably out in the streets more like and then they do something quite unexpected. As someone who gets the chance to watch from behind the lens it's always inspiring.

In Primary Parts, Part One: Brainscience Hammers, takes you through some of the highlight hammers from each of the riders. Their brains are where these tricks originate, it all starts at the imagination of possibility. Check out the video to see what kind of hammers result from this inventiveness.

If you haven't seen Mind the Video Man in its entirety, it's out now on iTunes:
and on DVD.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jesse Talks Beresford's "Ransack Rebellion" Part

Full part Friday is back!  And as promised it's not Friday!  It's Sunday night.  We're staying in "Ransack Rebellion" for now, Chris Beresford to be exact.  I was going to go with Chris' part from "Right Brain" but I think his "Ransack" part is better.  That's the thing he's just putting out better and better parts.  I think Claw (that's Bear Claw for those that don't know) is the silent killer of Think Thank.  He's got tricks, he's super creative comes up with crazy ideas all the time and weird spots no other human would session and of course he's got that style.  I'd kill for that style, and it makes stuff look so easy too!  It's his life style too not just his snowboard style, he's mellow and methodical then he's mad and fast, like a bear.  He does things naturally, the way I believe they were intended to be done.

I think this Ransack part is a perfect example of Chris putting all of his abilities out there almost completely equally.  Style, difficulty, gnar, creativity and mellow vibe.  Check it here, then I'll ramble more and you can either hang on and read like it's times of old or "roll out" and go back to the www and click your face off.  Both are fun.

Right off the bat it's Chris session-ing a snow ditch at Snoqualmie.  That stale fish in the ditch is Geno's favorite thing of the whole video.  If you listen carefully you can hear his boot and binding squeak from the tweek.  Boom rhyme!

Squeak from Tweek, Geno's favorite shot, ever.

Beres also bagged the best junk intro with the shout out to his golf skills, only chip shot I've ever seen go down on a snowboard.  Look for more golf-boarding out of him, I've heard plans, funny, awesome plans.....    
Chip shot!  And it's goooooood

The no footers and one footers are always flying in a Beresford part, the daniel-son hippy hop and the spread eagle soap are two of the best ever done.  People would care more if they tried this shit, it's fun but really difficult and frustrating.  I know Roobs filmed the soap boarding shot as well, it was in Mass close to where Chris, Scott, Ross and Granger grew up.  And it's extra dope because he's wearing a hockey jersey.  Grendys, Beres, Forest and myself, we're keeping hockey alive....

Spread Eagle soap slide near Southwick
Chris has a crazy way of generating speed out of nothing, that's why he's an insane mini shredder.  I think he learned it from riding BMX bikes or something.  He can session a mini ramp, forever, on his snowboard, it's weird.  This nose pick on the light pole at Snoqualmie was not mini shred, you had to haul ass and it was super icy.  I had nada on this thing, Hironaka and Chris were killing it and Krugmire was even there.  He ate candy most of the time but got a good shot too.  It seems like every year I convince Chris to come out to Washington around this time, like early March.  And we just kind of hide out at Snoqualmie and do whatever there is in front of us.  Usually we are coming back from Japan or some other exhausting trip and it's sort of like a vacation before we panic to Alaska so we end up mini shredding or hiding in the trees or just riding powder, it's a good time of the year.

Early March up at Qualmie just doing "whatever there is to do"

My favorite thing in Chris' part has to be the wall to pole full loop at Tinas For Days.  I liked it so much I put it in the video three times, Muska style.  The reason I did that is because it looked like three different tricks.  Each angle gave it a new "What the hell was that?" sort of sensation.  I didn't know which "What the hell was that?" sensation was stronger than the others so I just put them all in.  The thing about this was when he caught the pole his tail was way up on the coupling and he just pushes through it like a G.  He pretty much went upside down and did a full loop between a building and a pole with no middle, just air.  Weird stuff made possible by imagination and pallets.

Mid full loop

 Chris got hurt Ransack year as well, he hurt his knee and ended up getting surgery on it.  He hurt it the day Geno filmed his ender for the just released DWD Team Video on that same gap, thing had an icy knuckle. That was a brutal trip to Alaska, worst conditions ever, that's why you'll see no jumps in Chris' part in Ransack, the snow just sucked so bad.  The only dude that got a jump shot that year in Alaska was Sam Hulbert.  He double corked in to a windblown ice pit and landed it, it looks like powder but believe me it wasn't.  The rest of us just jibbed and got weird.  Chris' knee injury on the Geno ender gap was the first day he was there, so he got all of his stuff with a knee that would later need surgery.  That's pretty burly in retrospect.  Commitment.   Another burly thing was this five bro board slide pictured below.  The only thing that would have made that any better would have been my Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezin!  And maybe a motivational war speech like in Troy, delivered by My Deezin, of course.

 Enjoy the video part and say hi to Chris if you see him out there, give him a high five and tell him you liked his ________ trick and then buy some Dang Shades from him!  Oh yeah and check out his part in Mind The Video Man!  People in the know say it's his best ever.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Think Thank Tees, FINALLY!

T-shirt design by DWD's one and only Sean Genovese
In preparation for Think Thank's 10 year anniversary, we thought it a good time to make some new Think Thank tees to celebrate the occasion. Scott and Sean were both in Seattle for the Downtown Throwdown and got theirs when the t-shirt stork fairy from Imprnt dropped them off. Most of the other riders from the video have also gotten theirs. (If you haven't yet, sorry about that, Pika will get one to you as soon as you email/text/poke/insta-comment/facebook her.)

In celebration of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, as well as the recently fallen snow heralding the first turns of the season we decided to make these available to our most loyal fans through Monday 11/26 only.

Since Sean's car got in a giant accident on the way home from opening day at Mt. Baker we also thought this would be a good time to help raise some cashola for him to buy new wheels.
Not so happy ending to an otherwise epic opening day!
 So from now thru Monday if you buy BOTH Mind the Video Man AND the DWD Team video from the store, we'll throw a shirt in with your order. Just leave a comment in Paypal telling us which size and color you desire. These are pretty rad shirts too. Not those stiff, square shirts for our guys. These are soft... supple, American Apparel knock-offs.

So if you want a shirt, this is how they are available for now. Any that are left after Monday will be up on our site as soon as Sean, who's also our webmaster, has sorted out replacing his ride. Thanks brains!

Friday, November 16, 2012

GO to Mountain Creek Red Tail Lodge TONIGHT!

Three banger videos sure to get you hyped for the season will be playing tonight FOR FREE right in Mountain Creek's Red Tail Lodge! Can't get closer to the mountain than that.

Not only is it free, there's going to be a fire pit and beer for you folks who are 21+.

Go have a good ol' time tonight with your buddies... cause' it's FRIDAY NIGHT!

Jesse talks Ransack Rebellion part

"Here is my video part from "Ransack Rebellion" in full on YouTube.  Ransack was an interesting year, a good year, in a lot of ways our best year ever, although the movie didn't get the hype as some of the others it felt like the right message for that time for Think Thank.  The whole rebellion part was cool too because it happened to coincide with the 99% Occupy movement, I think it was a little bit of a collective unconscious thing going on their.  We always liked jibbing junk and doing more with less and the idea that it would be a rebellion against waste, like a rebellion against waisted opportunities, was really fun for me.  Sean and Pika and I had a conversation pretty early on as well about the fact that Brain Farm was going to be coming out with Art of Flight at the same time and we knew they pretty much had a monopoly on epic jaw dropping scenery, cinematography, and next level backcountry riding.  Basically they had a lock on "beautiful".  So we wanted to have a lock on "ugly".  We open the movie with smoke stacks and a rainy garbage dump in blown out black and white with some extra grain.  That sort of set the pace.  It was fun as well making a movie that wasn't supposed to bright and happy and orange and cones and "fun".  It was like no, we're rebelling, against garbage and against what we have become comfortable being.  Now, what comes to life at the end is never all you hoped in the beginning, but I was happy to say that Ransack from tip to tail achieved the aesthetic mood we were hoping for.

As for my part it was a good year, in retrospect maybe will be marked as "the last year of the one footers" for me because I got very hurt that summer doing one and still as of this moment haven't tried another almost a year and a half later.  There were a couple of things in Ransack that I had been working on for a few years that only got done right for this part.  Like the cab 5 fastplant indy.  People liked that a lot, but I had actually done that trick in the previous three video parts, just not with a grab and not as solid.  It goes to show how much doing a thing right makes a difference in communicating the radness to people.  Also the hippy hop to stairs, I was stoked on that because I had wanted it for years and because I was wearing an Austen Granger Has a Posse tee shirt when I did it.  Anyways check it out:

Another thing I'm remembering about this was it was when the movie Black Swan came out and I watched it on the plane on my way up to Alaska for our spring session.  In the movie Natalie Portman's character actually (SPOILER ALERT!!!) has to kill herself to achieve where she want's to be artistically as a dancer.  Not physically as a dancer but where her head needed to be, the emotions that her dancing could communicate only after she took it to a very dark place.  She was all in.  This idea resonates with any snowboarder filming a video part.  So on the plane I came up with the idea of going "Black Swan" on the trip.  It worked for a bit, I got myself out of my comfort zone.  I filmed the picnic table half cab wheelie bs 3 over the dirt gap, the double one footers on the oil tanks and the opening shot on the red curb, the weird triple line one footer beres nose press thing.  Then the ugly side of "Black Swan" reared it's head when I tried to bs 3 one foot over the foundation gap (it's been in some movies, you'd know it if you saw it).  I had it so good but the snow there is super shitty and crystalized, like little miniature ice cubes, and it's extra slippy stuff on your board.  My foot slipped off and I did the splits and my knee (patela) dislocated and I ripped my snow pants in half.  My knee went right back in but it was a rude awakening, Swan style has consequences. It came back quick but not all the way I think.  The next trick I filmed was only like three days later it was a line up in the junk yard by my house and Mertz shot what would later be a Freerun Magazine cover and due to my Cobra Dogs hoody earn me "don't let this guy pay!" status.  I filmed the rest of the season and got close to that Swan feeling but never quite locked it again.  Oh well maybe this year I'll be able to bring that Swan back!

I want to write more stories about Think Thank parts, this is pretty fun.  The internet!  It's good for stuff!"  

Jesse Burtner

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MATI-GNAR! Thursday, NOV. 8th

Get your buddies, pile in the mini van like Sean Lucey and head to one of these ZUMIEZ locations this Thursday, NOV. 8th to watch Mind the Video Man! Lib Tech and Arnette have thrown down a board and a pair of goggles to all 11 stops! There will be snacks, prizes and a raffle for the board and goggles. Buying your own DVD of Mind the Video Man will get you an extra raffle ticket to increase your chances!

A van-load of riders from the video will be making a special appearance at the Layton Hills Mall in UTAH so get there early to have them sign your face!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Win a 12/13 Burtner Box Scratcher!!!

Lib Tech wants to eat your brains!!!!! Why fight em? Join em! Do like Zomburtner here, dress up as a zombie, maybe even your favorite Burtner Box Scratcher zombie and post it here on Lib Tech's Facebook page Do this by November 5th and you'll have a chance to win one of these to conquer the living this winter on!
For more details:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA Premiere, SATURDAY 11/3

Peak Ski and Snowboard Center is bringing Mind the Video Man to PITTSBURGH, PA Saturday night! There will be lots of product from Lib Tech, Flow, Arbor as well as music, a raffle and lots of cheers with beers for those of you over 21.
The haps:

Saturday, November 3rd
The Wheel Mill
6815 Hamilton Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Doors open at 7pm
$10 general admission
(bar for 21+)