Thursday, July 30, 2009

... a couple more photos from the HSCS super sneak peak

got a couple more shots of some people at the HCSC super sneak peak from Darth Meyer.

this is Tim Eddy. he's like, "DUDE... bingo, bongo, two thumbs up."

Bogart is like, "uhhhhhhhhhh", and Jed is like, "dont look at me, I'm hidious"
Gus and Milbery are like, "duuuude, bro. just keepin it mellow braaa"

Gus is like, " whoa, look, the big dipper."

Ben is like, "this is the most I've smiled since the last time I smiled this much... best video ever"

Bizzler is like, "Hey."

Jed is like, "Eff you maaaaaan!" and Pat is like, "Peace off bloke!"

Kyle is like,"I've stayed up for the past 3 nights waiting for this movie to premier."

Mark is like,"I can't even blink! this shit is epic!"

Preston is like,"Whoa, this hasn't even started and I cant believe it."

Bradshaw is like,"These guys are going higher than I am... almost... not quite"

Ross is like,"This is DIRTY."

Darrel is like,"whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" and Jordan is like,"mmmm hmmmmm."

Burtner is like,"yeah, these are my gang signs, this is my wedding ring, and this is our damn movie. hell yeah."

Shi**y Shi**y Slam Slam part one

Ohhhh, served! Cool Story comes out August 18th

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nicky Pop-ins

Nicky Fresh and the Dangerzone crew popped in a little while back. We were in the middle of editing insanity for Cool Story and Nicky was none too pleased we wouldn't leak him any footage. Wise man say, "Wait for the final video and then it will be more exciting and fun to watch."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Think Thank at Snowboarder Mag's "A.N.T.P.M.C."

While the Super Sneak Peaks of COOL STORY were going on last weekend Snowboarder Magazine was also holding their America's Next Top Pro Model Contest.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Super Sneak Peak Weekend

Last week was the Super Sneak Peak weekend of "Cool Story". We were also in town for Snowboarder Magazines "America's next top pro model contest"... it was for charity, so lets just say everybody won... ?

The Sneak Peak for the video was on Saturday night at High Cascade, and Sunday night at Windells. Both of the shows had a great feel. Thanks to everyone that came out and enjoyed the flick with us!

Pete... posing for his next cover shot.

Think Thank crew, after the Windells sneak peak

Mackadocious, Jason Robinson, and the Burtneezle

Burtner and Bridges... bringin home the big bucks for charity.

Jesse and the Winner of the give away from the HCSC super sneak peak.

Chris Brewster, homie, Sam Hulbert and Jesse.

apres sneak peak. that one guy is hyped.

McCarthy, Bogart, Tim Eddy, and Yosh.

Milbery, Mack, and Pika ... made you look, thats one punch in the arm, dont pretend you werent playing the game.

Super Genuis and Krush

pre super sneak peak crew.

Sean and Ben, straight outta canadia... en francais.

Burtner and TJ

Danger Zone!

Burtner and his Box scratcher... not wearing all black... good choice.


Sean taught Reynolds everything he knows.

Until the Vid hits the stores, there's still some summer riding to be had. get up there.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Drank

thanks for the hospitality during Snowboarder Mag's "America's Next Top Pro Model" contest last week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Cool Story" Super Sneeky Peekys

If you happen to be around Mt. Hood this weekend we are showing Cool Story Saturday night at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Sunday night at Windells. No alcohol or drunks allowed, as these are for the kids. But you can party at the bar afterwards. Both showings are at or around 9pm. These are the first of the first showings of the movie and, like the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, it's not completely done but it is "fully operational".

This poster is usually red, for some reason right now it's blue. Cool Story.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Misty portraits

Super misty Mark and Bear Claw portraits up on ESPN. Shot by Yosh. Go here to see:

Sorry about the lack of updates, just been straight editing like crazy.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Foot Note 3 Rainy Alaska

Here's a little ditty from a very rainy, windy, icy and mysteriously productive trip to Alaska. Features some extra clips and stories with Gus, Jesse, Mark and Larson.
oh word?

Bogart interview on Yo Beat

Check out this bogart interview. Had me laughing like crazy!

Bogart is the man! His part in Cool Story is insane, just letting you know.