Thursday, July 30, 2009

... a couple more photos from the HSCS super sneak peak

got a couple more shots of some people at the HCSC super sneak peak from Darth Meyer.

this is Tim Eddy. he's like, "DUDE... bingo, bongo, two thumbs up."

Bogart is like, "uhhhhhhhhhh", and Jed is like, "dont look at me, I'm hidious"
Gus and Milbery are like, "duuuude, bro. just keepin it mellow braaa"

Gus is like, " whoa, look, the big dipper."

Ben is like, "this is the most I've smiled since the last time I smiled this much... best video ever"

Bizzler is like, "Hey."

Jed is like, "Eff you maaaaaan!" and Pat is like, "Peace off bloke!"

Kyle is like,"I've stayed up for the past 3 nights waiting for this movie to premier."

Mark is like,"I can't even blink! this shit is epic!"

Preston is like,"Whoa, this hasn't even started and I cant believe it."

Bradshaw is like,"These guys are going higher than I am... almost... not quite"

Ross is like,"This is DIRTY."

Darrel is like,"whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" and Jordan is like,"mmmm hmmmmm."

Burtner is like,"yeah, these are my gang signs, this is my wedding ring, and this is our damn movie. hell yeah."