Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Career Goals

Pika and Sarah with Anastasia, the newest member of the Hooters family! I don't really know how to tie this "cool story" into the Think Thank blog, but it's too funny NOT share it. With school tuition at UW through the roof and then the all to familiar life expenses of rent, food and i-phones, one of the student workers at my other job had to find a second source of income. Well, she did. She is now a Hooters Girl. I just couldn't believe my eyeballs when she showed us her uniform. Taupe tights, white tube-socks and sneakers, a translucent tank top and the shortest shorts in existence besides on the beaches of Rio. So if you're in Seattle and want to grab some wings, go to Hooters and ask to sit at Anastasia's table. And don't forget to tip! College ain't cheap!