Sunday, December 16, 2012

Think Thank Recognized at Dew Tour

A salute to the video men! Jesse up there in between Absinthe's Justin Hostynek and Standard's Travis Robb.
Thursday night the Dew Tour celebrated its first ever Industry Film Night. History for Think Thank was made when we were invited to accept a recognition award for Mind the Video Man being one of the most "progressive and influential films of the 2012-13 season."

Thank you to all of the riders who toiled so hard all year and for our sponsors who make it all possible. And of course to all the people who take the time to find our videos and watch them. We hope we never let you down.

Thursday was also a big day for as long time Think Thanker, DWD conceiver and all-time badass Sean Genovese, who took home YoBeat's Best Rider of the Year AND Best Video of the year for the DWD Team Video!!!!!!!!!!
Watch the DWD Team Video to see YoBeat's viewer choice Best Rider of the Year IN the Best Video of the Year!! On iTunes an DVD NOW. Own it, watch it, support the arts, and be inspired.