Monday, October 8, 2012

SLC/Reno/Spokane THIS WEEK!

The Video Man is on the move! He's been to Denver, Burlington, Vancouver, Duluth, Minneapolis, had 2 sold out shows in Los Angeles, 1 sold out show in Seattle, and is now turning up the heat and making appearances in SLC, Reno and Spokane this week!

Salt Lake City is going down THURSDAY night at Spidelli's. Bundy has the night off so is going to get loose right along side of you. I had the honor of seeing him dance it up at the Downtown Throwdown afterparty in Seattle last weekend and it was quite a treat.

As SLC is home to so many Think Thankers and Dinos don't be surprised to see Beresford, Stevens, Hammid, Sean Black, Ross, Sean Lucey, Bogart in the melee'.

A Think Thank/DWD premiere wouldn't be complete without a board to win and Lib Tech has graciously supplied SLC with a Burtner Box Scratcher for one lucky jibber who either eats enough pizza slices to earn raffle tickets or buys them for a buck apiece.

RENO is going down FRIDAY night at Freight House. Eternal Snow does it up big, and with Givin's ToO and the DWD Team Video premiering with Mind the Video Man you will bear witness to a whole smorgashboard of rail riding and freestyle moves.

Newcomer Nial Romanek will be on the scene along with DWD's Ben Bogart, so treat them to a beer and a high five or two if you see them.

Last but not least is the 4th annual SPREAD THE SHRED in SPOKANE, WA Saturday night at The Garland Theater. Jesse and I have always wanted to personally attend, and finally this year, we're going to make it a road trip and drive over from Seattle for the event. Spread the Shred is a benefit for SOS (Snowboard Outreach Society) that helps gets at risk youth out onto the hill. It's a good cause folks!