Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trail of Tears, the Video Man and our night of excruciating detail

The time was upon us to film the intro to Mind The Video Man  Andy from Supergenius Media services was at the helm with Pika and me, Jesse along for art direction and assitance.  The mission to construct a 32 foot long table to make one epic stop animation.  After a fun skatepark friday mission spirits were high and we enlisted the help of friend Kevin Turner who also got us access to an amazing work space at Mervin Mfg.  We knew we were in for a long day, but had no idea just how excruciating this trail of tears would be....
Andy finishing off the table or cat walk if you will.  5:15 pm, spirits are high.

Andy getting his Video Man sled locked down for the long haul.  At this point we still have no idea what we're in for.

Some polys hanging out in the Mervin studio.  Seriously this was the best possible place we could have hoped for to shoot this thing, it would have never happened in our garagoffice.  Thanks Mervin!!!

Some old media props for the beginning of hell track.

As soon as mathematics started getting performed a sinking suspicion that this wasn't going to be easy came over us.  Pixel counts and eighth of an inch measurements are a sure fire sign that things aren't going to be done in the normal "whaaaaatever" Think Thank style.

Kevin kick flipping a Freedom Dolly ("unsafe at any speed") however is more par for the course at a Think Thank studio shoot.

The scene is almost set, it's 8pm and we haven't shot a photo yet.  But we have drank a case of beer and now were hungry so off to dinner while we wait for it to get dark.

Still more prep after dinner.  Pika and Turner figuring out a nice daisy chain fire hazard.

One of my first video cameras sitting on top of two of my first movies.  Forward, made as a freshman at  Fairhaven college and JB Deuce's "Polar Bears, Dogsleds and Igloos" OG Boarderline sticker on top of the rig for bonus points.

This poltergeist was our end goal, it's static was like a beacon off in the distance as we inched (not even inched) across the 32 feet of despair.  Sometimes I wished it was like in Poltergeist and the TV would suck me in.

 "Whoa" the movie was on this little TV.  A Kirk Stinebaugh and Robi Gonzalez classic from Alaska.  Possibly the only snowboard movie ever to use two Eminem tracks (in a ten minute movie).

This is the point of the night at which we find ourselves finished and cleaning up.  12 hours later.   I can still feel the tedium of the process in my bones.

And here is tired Kevin, a true champion who will probably think twice before saying "I don't have anything going on tonight." to me Pika or Andy again.  5 am on the dot we load the cars and drive off in to the sunrise.  And that's how you make a snowboard video. 

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