Friday, December 9, 2011

Bone Zone The Moviiie Reviiiew

Tonight at Spedelli's pizza joint in Salt Lake City Ted Borland and crew unleashed their pre season back woods banger entitled “Bonezone The Moviiie”, and I was there to see it. It was a packed house, the pizza was amazing, the Diet Coke was delicious (don’t underestimate a good soda fountain) and Bogart had sidled up to a mean twenty stack of chicken wings. All the kids (minor threats for days!), crew, homies and heads were in attendance including the director/dish washer Ted Borland, filmer and serious collaborator Harry Hagan, tall person and lens wielder Sean Lucey, identity challenged follow cam master Cole Taylor, "enders only" Ross Phillips and a whole slew of the dudes featured in this pre season opus.

The movie starts off with a short building montage showing some of the hard work these bros put in to create their private park up in the woods. Then there is a sweet little Garden-esque diorama title treatment which was a perfect reference to make. Volcom’s The Garden was named after a secret spot Guch, Terje, Jeffy, Jamie, Parillo, etc hiked to in the Sierras to get their spring shred on, it was their private little freestyle paradise. Such is The Bonezone here in the Wasatch for this generation of riders.

First up is double AA same way Alex Andrews who rides fast and powerful dropping a bunch of bangers on the kink and a super sick stall re-direct do-hicky that would have for sure been in a Think Thank video. The action continues with an epic Bogart follow cam front seven and a some stand out cameos from the likes of Sam "Da Monster" Hulbert and Cam Pearce who does eight different 270s. I love this about The Bonezone, so many different people get a chance to roll through, dudes that normally would be separated in their respective film crews get to ride together here.

On with the assault The Face Himself, Sean Black, does a mess of powerful tricks and even gets a fs rodeo 7 in for good measure. All this while working on a Find Spots Get Shots double major. Director Ted Borland gets wicked in his part with the hard way half cab 5-0 through the kink some of the best switch noseslide pretzels in the game and he let's his hoof breathe. Matty Mo is a boss, Chris Cloud gets bossy, Keniston fired you (because he's the boss) and more and many bros make solid appearances lighting up the pre season good times with next level board control reminiscent of Tony Danza (that’s right the dude from “Who’s The Boss”). Parker Duke comes in hot with some scorps and some major redemption via clean gap outs and a mighty trick bag. The curly beast from the middle east Brandon Hammid finishes it off with his patented power presses and stylish stoyock. His top to bottom Bone Zone runs show how much fun and ability can be gained from creating a freestyle spot to ride with your friends.

It's no wonder that the collection of pros, ams, bros, brams, scrubbers, jumpers, jibbers and Grangers that make up this cross section of snowboard culture are the very same people that will occupy many of next fall's best video parts. They are putting in the work and reaping the benefits of a healthy snowboard community; progression, friendship and long lasting memories.


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