Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Downtown Throwdown San Fran 2011

Snowboy's reign of slaughter-dom ended with a nuclear bang. After 4 Feeders contests and the best-ever Seattle Downtown Throwdown I shouldn't have expected less. Jesse and I arrived a day early to see a few of the many offerings that San Francisco has to offer. Aside from the INSANE weather, California seems to be blessed with everything we have here in Seattle, but more of it. For one thing, the San Francisco Modern Art Museum is like SAM's bigger more badass brother.
Burtner and Rothko blending in

Think Thank's Jesse Burtner and Crab Crab's Preston Strout tag-teamed on the announcing front. Between the two of them a pitch perfect blend of crowd-pleasing humor, accurate trick calling and clever witticisms abounded. The judges, who bequeath their own deep bag of tricks, had their hands full with the quality of riding that ensued throughout the day.

Jesse Burtner and Preston Strout Masters of Ceremony

Zac Marben, Tim Eddy, Sean Genovese, Darrell Mathes, Chris Grenier, Chris Larson keeping score.

Situated in front of City Hall and between the San Francisco Asian Art Museum and Library Snowboy and Lib Tech trucked in 80,000 pounds of snow and went to work. By now it's like watching a well oiled machine, the course was raked to perfection. Coming from mostly Northwest events, it was a nice change of scenery to see a whole new line-up of riders from the Rockies Region. About 18 pros and 2 Feeders AMs contended for $10,000 worth of prize money and one Seafood Dinner.
The lineup: Jason Robinson, Max Warbington, Nick Visconti, Ryan Paul, Zak Hale, Stefan Krumm, Sean Black, Spencer Schubert, Johnny Brady, Dylan Thompson, Dylan Alito, Chris Brewster, Brandon Hobush, Andrew Brewer... with Snowboys' Kevin Turner polishing his pole.

Two Dragons

Knowing that the season has barely begun in our little part of the world, I was impressed by the hungry-like-a-tiger energy that all of the riders maintained throughout the two and a half hour contest. Dylan Alito who dressed for the occasion like a war-hammer yielding jugallo won first place by showing his skills on both the down-flat-down ledge and downrail. Ryan Paul got 4th place and in my mind won the crowd-pleaser award with his terrifying boardslide to front flip pole jam and front board to back rodeo on the pole jam. The front flips would have got the crowd on their feet if they weren't already on their feet. Nick Visconti, one of my all-time favorite boarders, took 2nd with his veritable rail onslaught and amazing style. Speaking of stylish, AK native, Chris Brewster took home the Crab Grab Seafood Dinner Style Award, and it wasn't just because of his stylish hair.
Chris Brewster: Crab Grab Style Award Winner

Nick Visconti - 2nd Place

The results:
First Place $5000 - Dylan Alito
Second Place $2500 - Nick Visconti
Third Place $1000 - Dylan Thompson
Fourth Place $750 - Ryan Paul
Fifth Place $500 - Brandon Hobush
Zumiez Destroyer Award - Andrew Brewer
Crab Grab Style Award Seafood Dinner - Chris Brewster

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