Monday, February 22, 2010

Holy Oly photo post

An amazing time as always. It was good to see everyone out there having a good time!

holy oly 2010 3/16
Jesse and Krush.

holy oly 2010 2/16
Pika, out from behind the lens.

holy oly 2010 1/16
Jess K and Wes, stretching and warming up in the morning.

holy oly 2010 4/16
last years champ, Monty Hayes, looking for the competition.

holy oly 2010 5/16
Jason Speer and Tracy... Jason was multi tasking, shooting and riding, look for the combo in the near future hopefully.

holy oly 2010 6/16
Chatty for a daddy. Jason Chatfield.

holy oly 2010 7/16
Jesse announcing that the beer winner would be receiving that full can of beer behind him.

holy oly 2010 8/16
Super Genius and Mcarthy.

holy oly 2010 9/16
Snowboard mag's T-bird.

holy oly 2010 10/16
the scene, and Jacob in the background going big.

holy oly 2010 11/16
Kyle Kennedy, constantly updating.

holy oly 2010 12/16
dog town usa.

holy oly 2010 13/16
Russell Winfield and Wes Makepeace. no caption necessary for those who know.

holy oly 2010 14/16
brothers double time on the QP. Austin and Jacob.

holy oly 2010 15/16
Jess K wins a prize for being better than boys.

holy oly 2010 16/16
Austin Hironaka takes the over all win, and is crowned the 2010 Holy Oly CHAMP! Congratulations Hiro!!