Tuesday, January 12, 2010

think thank and friends go to silver star

some video and pics from our quick trip to silver star, B.C.

special thanks to Jess, Robin B, and Troy Erikson.

we wont make you wait... here's the vid first.

... and now the photos.

morning drive
early morning start.

mertz loves tim hortons
mandatory Tim Horton's stop. it's like dunky's, but better... that's right, i said it.

sleeper, driver
Tim kept mumbling in his sleep about how sick he was going to get.

tim came down with the sickness
true to his word, he got "down with the sickness".

clear roads ahead
ice fog. mmmmmmm.

eminem on the headphones
mertz didnt want to listen to the 2pac tape that was/is stuck in the cassette deck on constant play.

coffee mug mustache
my xmas mug from lucas!

beautiful bc
beautiful B.C.

tim pole dancing
you gotta have a back up plan. Tim practicing for life on the stage after snowboarding.

fresh bilocq
Ben is actually a mannequin we just picked up up at Solo on the way up. this mannequin's got a mean nose press.

the crew.

princess of the year
Tim wasnt to upset that he had to give up his title...

princess of the year
Jess Kimura, the NEW Princess of the YEAR!

pro of the year
it's a good year.

group shot
group shot.

mertz... departure man
Alex "which way to departures?" Mertz

pre pow turns
about to take these pow turns to the streets.

lucas's bday
birthday party! happy bday lucas!

video camera in progress
always... ... ... ...