Monday, October 19, 2009

E Mail from Kazakhstan

We got a rare email from Igor in Kazakhstan. Snowboarding and Think Thank are truly global! Thanks for the stoke Igor!

My name is Igor and I'm rider from southern part of Kazakhstan. We've got a lot of ski-slopes around city. So this industry is pretty popular in our area. But the shame is, that we are not tough in freestyle, cause there are lack of people in it.
The reason why I'm sending you this letter is to say "Thank you. You are so fucking awesome crew". You inspire us for riding and do it like the way you like. For example, if I am checking out Burton or Absenthe video I see this 50m big air with 15 helicopters witch are filming it. Screw it! It isn't suppose to be that way. Commercial is killing industry and it is very good to have like INDY crew.
Firstly it was randomly found Scott Steven's part from Thanks Brain on Youtube. I was very surprised because I haven't seen video of this type in snowboard before. Than I watched whole video. And aslo Stack Footy. I didn't check any news or blogs. I was only watching video and keeping in mind that this is not commercial project. And finally in Cool story you were describing this whole idea. This was fucking surprise to me and that is the reason this mail appeared. So THANK YOU GUYS! RIDE ON!

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