Monday, August 17, 2009

Cool Story theme music ring tone by MICE

In anticipation of this weeks official release of Cool Story; MICE, the creators of the Cool Story theme song "Sandprints", are offering a free ring tone in conjuncture with their CD release "MICE World Tour". The ring tone is available for I-Phones and all other phones here courtesy of EcoSono.

About "MICE World Tour"
EcoSono presents the 2009 global circumnavigation tour of the Mobile Interactive Computer Ensemble (MICE). Traveling 30,000 miles by ship around the world on the M/V Explorer, MICE performed an ambitious series of concerts engaging with diverse environments and cultures of the world. MICE employs interactive acoustics and a networked human/computer ensemble to create deep collaborations between ecologies, human musicians and computer systems. This album features select compositions from the tour.

Hear more MICE and see all the action in "Cool Story" The DVDs ship out today and should be available at your local shop in a matter of days.
Stay tuned for premiere dates and special offers.

Thanks brain!